Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cuba FDC : National Ballet of Cuba, 55th anniversary &
Alicia Alonso as Giselle, 60th anniversary

Scene from Verdi's Alda

A postcard relate to Ballet sent by my friend, Alexander
of St. Petersburg

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Alexander, my friend from St. Petersburg sent me
another Ballet related cover... Thanks !!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Here is another cover sent by my friend, Alexander of
St. Petersburg with Ballet stamps also commemorative
stamps of 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg + the
beautiful advertising stamps.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My friend, Alexander, from St. Petersburg sent me another cover with
Ballet stamps together with the special (2003) Advertising stamp, a special
issue is dedicated to the Tercentenary of St. Petersburg

Friday, August 04, 2006

Surinam FDC

Russian Covers

Peter Tschaikowski's Scene from Swan Lake

DDR Ballet Related Postmarked card

Danish Ballet & Music Festival

Canada : Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Balerus Ballet Stamp and Sheet FDCs

Johann Strauss' Blue Danube

Australia Pre-stamped Envelopes

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My friend, Alexander, sent me a big cover with "Ballerina" stamps

A cover sent from England with "Margot Fonteyn" stamps

A French FDC about television

Pre-stamped envelope of Anna Pavlova

Postcard of Belarus

Sheet from Edgar Degas, painting

Opera and Ballet Theaters, Donetsk/Dnipropetrovsk

Hong Kong cover with a $10 def. stamp (Ballet & Chinese Opera)

2 Hong Kong sheets : Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club Centenary
$1.30 stamp (Supporting the arts) and The Advent of the New
Millennium (Left Upper Corner shows the Young Ballerinas)
Ballet Related :

Following my last post about the musical stamps - The Drummers
Here are some post about my other favourite topic, Ballet.
I've many ballet stamps from various nations, specially from
Russia and Cuba. Many postcards, pre-stamped envelopes, FDCs
and sheets etc. Among which, I also have several sheets not from
the topic Ballet but with surroundings, like the 2 sheets of Hong Kong,
a sheet from North Korea and Ukraine etc. Some postally used
cover and FDCs. Hope you enjoy these items
I'll post more Ballet related items in my other blog soon :

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Drummer ! from the Russian sheet

Sheet from Antigua

The 2 Hong Kong sheets (Stamp Exhibition)
Drummers from many nations
The World Cup, Germany 2006 is over. Congratulations to
the Italian Soccer Team, though I'm not an Italian fan. They
deserved for the Cup.

I've been watching live on TV nearly every match from round
one to the finale - France vs. Italy, my favourite team still
Germany maybe I've so many friends in Germany and most of
my stamp collection linked to Germany.

I didnot post anything on this blog during the month June but
I did a post a lot Maxicards, Pre-stamped post cards on my
other blog : Have a look.

Here I want to post some items from one of my favourite
topics, Music related: Musical instruments, The Drums.
I like stamps with motions more than still life ones. I've
many stamps of the drum alone but I like the stamps/sheets
with "The Drummer" see the sheet with stamps from many
nations and 2 of Hong Kong one from Russia and the other
one from Antigua. You may also refer to the 2 sheets of
Hong Kong "Dragon Boat Festival" see below.

The 2 Hong Kong and the Russian sheets, which the drummer
is on the surround rather than on the stamp itself. So technically
there's no postal drum stamp here. When I first began collecting
musical related stamps. I excluded item of this sort, but
ultimately the interest here is in the drummers and their images
so I do now include this sort of sheet, along with postal stamps
and cinderellas. I even like this sort of item more than the stamp
of "Drum" because of the beautiful surroundings. Same as other
musical instruments like the Buglers, Dancers etc.

I hope you share my interest on this kind of items.